MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 26
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 26

Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 26

(Last week we ended with, “However, it is fast to become Buddha there; it takes approximately 3.5 to 4 days (Pure Land time) for one to become Buddha there. How long would take one to become Buddha on earth? It would take countless existences of world-periods on earth.”)


Regardless which method to enlightenment you follow, either the Vajrayana or Garbhadhatu methods; or no matter if you belong to the sects of Nyingma, Gelug, Bon, Kagyu, or Saskya of Tibetan Buddhism; or if you are an Esoteric Buddhist of the Eastern Secret or Tomitsu (Shingon practice of Japan), Taimitsu (Tendai School), Tangmi (Tang dynasty secret Buddhism) or Tibetan Esoteric they are the same; either you transform to the rainbow body of great transference, or you have attained the state of Arhatship, or you are Padmasambhava (The Lotus Born or Guru Rinpoche); all these attainments are incomparable to the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land.

In the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land you become a Buddha in perfection, attainment to what level? You become Vairocana Tathagata, then it would be comparable. If you are unaware of these true facts of reality, cultivating across infinite existence of world-periods will not get you there.

Why? You still have the cultivation intention.

To become a Buddha must be mindless (without purpose); again, without action of mindless – even the thought of mindless does not exist.

To become Buddha, no living beings can achieve this.

As I have just mentioned about the Dharma Body, all of you should consider if you can do it?

It is impossible to achieve; if you can do it then you would not be here today.

If you have attainment today, looking at the world outside it would be a stretch of golden brightness.

Why the golden color? The purest mind moment sends out the golden color. However, the golden color perceived by everyone is different. That golden color is not a worldly gold, it does not have material phenomena.

Without materiality, people studying science would understand this.  When there is no materiality, there is also no spirituality, and naturally the color is gold. These pigments, phenomena, and kind of condition is indestructible and eternally unspoiled.

Why? It is precisely the nutrition. Not only is it the energy, it surpasses the energy, and eternally exists no variation. But very strangely, even no variation is due to not having affliction and attachments, but it can manifest everything. It can manifest the sky, people, the Six Realms, the Ten States of Existence, or the One Truth Dharma Realm (the inherent pure nature world of all living beings). There is nothing it cannot manifest. It can manifest a Buddha, Bodhisattva, Arhat, animal, hell, hungry ghost and all others, etc. Despite the manifestation of everything, one does not have any mark in their mind. Therefore, the Dharma Body is recovered.

The Reward Body is the material phenomenon of the Dharma Body. The Dharma Body is the spiritual phenomenon; the Reward Body is the material phenomenon.

As we just mentioned Esoteric (Vajrayana) Buddhism, it is not as good as chanting Amitabha. It would be better for the average person to chant Amitabha to go to the Amitabha Pure Land to become Buddha.

Esoteric Buddhism requires, “Bodily unity in the form of worship, oral unity in chanting and mental unity in faith”, which are the three ways conjoined with the Buddha. This is basic. You must still be proficient with the content of the three principle texts of the Mahavairocana Tantra, the Vajrasekhara Sutra, and the Susiddhikara SutraThere are the three basics of Esoteric Buddhism.  Furthermore, you must be clear about the teachings of the Mandalas of the Two Realms—the Garbhadhatu (womb-container world) of Vajra group (the Diamond Realm), the Vajradhatu (the Diamond Realm) of the Garbhakosa-dhatu (womb-container world). You must be clear. The inner circle Mandala with the lotus seating of Mahavairocana in the center is surrounded by eight deities represented as the eight flower petals portrayed clockwise from the top: Ratnadhvaja, Samantabhadra, Samkusumita-raja, Manjusri, Amitabha, Maitreya, Divyadundubhimeganirghosa, and Avalokitesvara. You must also know all the Mandalas well. Be clear always of the seeds that are inside your head.

You must know when is your time of transmigration?

When will you be back?

The location of where you will be transmigrated to?

The precision of your return must be at the exact second. Then the most important thing about this whole process is if by any chance you have lost your prior memories, then it is all over. Furthermore, every minute and second that your mind has no phenomenon, you become transparent and your internal organs are completely transparent.

Being a Vajra Guru (teacher) is not easy; one must at least personally confirm to what extent? The Dharma Body attainment of the 1st Stage of Distinctive school Teaching – same level as the 1st Stage of the Perfect Teaching School.

What kind of level is that? It is the same level as the Great Master, the Sixth Patriarch. With this level of attainment to become a Vajra Guru, then one is qualified.

Why? Because this is only the 1st stage that is all. The true Vajra Guru’s qualification should be at the 13th Stage like the Buddha. Buddha himself worked as Vajra Acharya.

Acharya means what? It is a title of a teacher or Guru.

People have too many mysterious ideas about Esoteric Buddhism. This “esoteric” means profound esoteric practice.

What is profound esoteric practice? It is the profound esoteric practice of the self-confirmation aspect.

What is the self-confirmation aspect? It is yourself having verified the phenomena of the purified mind in its nature state free of obscuration. The phenomenon one sees and would not rashly let know to other people is called “esoteric”. It is not concealed and not to let people know or not to pass on. People should be very clear with this point.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  

(上星期講到: 像極樂世界,一天是我們這裡十三億四千四百萬年。可是它那裡成佛快,在那個地方大概三天半到四天就成佛。我們地球要多久?地球要無量劫)

所以不管你今天修那個法門,是「金剛部」法門、「胎藏界」法門;你是紅教、黃教、黑教、白教、花教,不管。這是講密教 – 東密、台密、唐密、藏密都一樣。你是化「虹光身」也好,你是證阿羅漢也好,你是蓮花生大士也好;跟極樂世界無法比。



「成佛要無心」;還要無「無心」- 連無心的這個念頭都沒有。









剛講到密宗不如念一句佛號,不如一般人念一句佛號到極樂世界去成佛。密教要:「三密相應」 – 身口意,是基本的。你還要熟練到《大日經》裡面講什麼要清楚,《金剛頂經》裡面講什麼要清楚,《蘇悉地經》裡面也清楚,這是密教三根本。還要每一教部裡「胎藏界的金剛部」、「金剛界的胎藏部」,要清楚。 像「中台八葉院」,像一切「曼荼羅」,要清楚。隨時你腦袋裡面一切種子,要清楚。



做一個金剛上師不簡單,金剛上師最少要證到什麼?法身初地 – 圓教初住。



真正金剛上師是第十三地,佛自己來做金剛上師 – 金剛阿闍棃。





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