MASTER SHEN-LONG | Manifesto On The Use Of Enlightenment Power And Ability In Art Creation 覺能藝創宣言
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Manifesto On The Use Of Enlightenment Power And Ability In Art Creation 覺能藝創宣言

Manifesto On The Use Of Enlightenment Power And Ability In Art Creation


From looking down upon the universe, with a bird’s eye view at the four discrete moments “the creation, duration, dissolution and state of being dissolved” of the planet to see through the “birth, aging, sickness, death” phenomenal aspects of life you will discover that humans are lesser than a grain of sand. If viewed from the perspective of endless life and the law of conservation of mass, you are likely to smile! As it turns out, the hidden capability of a person is unlimited, it rises superior to life and death, unbarred by time and space; rather, the life body completely does not have the phenomena of arising and ceasing.


Today human life on earth is of limited time and space, and our scope of life activity is extremely finite. Granted we are living with the fruits of a scientific and technologically advanced civilization, we are still unhappy, unhealthy, and uncomfortable, and both mentally and physically experiencing enormous pressure. Living in this kind of environment, it is a matter of vital importance to understand how to live out our days being the master of ourselves, free and unfettered, pleased, and to live carefree and without worries. Thus, humans need to search out an eternal bright pathway, only then one can thoroughly resolve these afflictions of their body and mind, and fate of reincarnation with “birth, aging, sickness and death”. 


An overall survey of past and present, at home and abroad, regardless of the East or the West, there is a shared phenomenon; on the one hand, mankind has manufactured their own afflictions of suffering, and on the other hand they attempt to go out of their way to resolve this affliction of suffering. This is truly a never-ending reincarnation abyss and is also the most disturbed livelihood of mankind. This kind of unease has brought people innumerable catastrophes yet has also permitted all living beings to build countless civilizations. Catastrophe and civilization exist at the same time; it is a situation with two sides to it. This is also what is described in Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism as “arising and ceasing happens concurrently” which is the profound meaning of “affliction is enlightenment.”


Yet all living beings live inside an illusion caused by themselves; thus, different ways of thinking behavior have caused various fictitious worlds and formed survival spaces with countless variations. In these spaces, due to the difference in delusional thoughts and attachments, obstacles and fears are gradually produced, and eventually form many illusionary worlds, the abbreviated name—the six realms of reincarnation (heavenly beings, human beings, Asuras, animals, hungry ghosts, hells, and separately there are still countless illusionary worlds). The cause of reincarnation is the mind activation that causes the wave motion and so forms an energy field. Because all living beings are unclear of the origin (one thought arising in the mind) that brings about this energy field, people are consequently deluded in the state of reincarnation, and it is hard to free themselves both mentally and physically. And so, the emergence of Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism truly gave mankind an enormous help to enable people to progressively understand the facts of life in the universe. It awakens the masses to eradicate their confused conditions and to no longer have attachment to their own built illusions, furthermore, to genuinely master the truth of no thought arising in the mind, and then to attain the pure, the good, and a beautiful livelihood without defilement. 


Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism are neither religions nor philosophies; they are a form of education. The viewpoint of this education is to enlighten and confirm through personal experience the true phenomena of life in the universe and let all living beings to truly understand the relationship between life and the universe. One can live a happy and unrestrained life, no longer to experience the fate of “birth, aging, sickness, death”, and entering eternal enlightenment. Thus Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism are the enlightenment spirit that thoroughly and clearly comprehends the universe; their theories are the method to understanding life, the universe and everything. Everyone can be Buddha, or immortal Daoist, or Confucian scholar; everyone has this hidden capability of enlightenment, and this enlightenment power (or ability) is the essence of all things. It can create the cause to become the effect; it can manifest all. 


One thought of wholesomeness, one becomes a Confucian scholar.  

One thought of the great void, one becomes a Daoist immortal.  

One thought of enlightenment, one becomes a Buddha. 

All materiality and all spirituality are manifested from this one thought, also all can be perished by this one thought. 


Whoever can apply one’s enlightenment power (or ability) to control one’s mind, then one can become a Buddha, or a Daoist immortal, or a Confucian scholar. The infinite function of enlightenment power (or ability) is wisdom. Using the infinite function of wisdom with omniscient penetrative ability to perceive the myriad phenomena of the universe, this is a wonderful method. When you use the enlightenment concept to live your life, the four types of human common emotions—“happiness, anger, sorrow and joy”,  “sour, sweet, bitter and spicy hot as the joys and sorrows of life”—immediately become flowers in a mirror and the moon’s reflection in the water, and all becomes an unrealistic rosy view where all afflictions and sufferings will instantly vanish like smoke into thin air, forming an unrestrained frame of mind as boundless as the sea and sky, and you will no longer lose your bearings in the myriad phenomena of this world. This is precisely the inconceivable application of enlightenment power (or ability).  


My philosophy is to engage in art creation, which is taking enlightenment power (or ability) outlook on life of the universe, using wisdom to know from experience, to implement the theory and methods of enlightenment power (or ability), while simultaneously displaying the myriad phenomena of the universe in my artworks. I hope to take from the course of art creativity to present the truth about life in the universe, which perhaps may enlighten people to ponder deeply over and contemplative understanding of it; gradually one can depart from the shackles of afflictions, display a pure spiritual world and restore the essence of life with non-arising and non-ceasing of all phenomena.


As for how to incorporate the expression of the myriad phenomena and the essence of the universe in my paintings, it is an extremely important course in art creativity, and the major reveal of my own enlightenment power. I first use abstract forms with Chinese ink to express the inconceivable images within the universe, and then I integrate with semi-abstract shapes into the abstract painted surface; this quintessence combined by following the idea together with the power and ability of enlightenment, repeatedly flows in and out of the course of my art creation. Incessantly it emerges new art works, at the same time it exceeds the style of concrete images and abstraction, also it simultaneously goes out and comes inside the essence of life to grow and multiply without end.


Wisdom is art, and art is life. 


This moment, creativity itself has already achieved a state of “selflessness”, and daily living has also turned into the revealing of wisdom, like the same sphere of “un-hindrance in all” as described in Mahayana Buddhism. The four types of emotions—to feel pleased, anger, sorrow and happy, and the ups and downs in life of misery, sweet, bitter and pain—all are converted into a sudden stroke of genius on the painting’s surface. The connotation of the creative artwork is also the communion of materiality and spirituality, the equilibrium of rationality and emotion that gradually carves into the absolute fundamental reality, completely demonstrating the living style as being master of myself, unfettered, happy and having the purely natural way of behaving in harmony with the true nature of all things. This condition can also give the art observer a direct powerful blow to awake the one, at the same time to initiate one’s deep self-awareness and to engage in introspection. Taking the opportunity from the inspiration of the artwork, to push and cause the art observer to experience the absolute fundamental reality of life in the universe; this is a wisdom-type education in self-awaking from reality, also a journey of Prajna (wisdom) achieved between the artist and the art observer to be in harmony as one.  


This connotation of artistic creation is a display of Samadhi*,  and is also an instant scene of the concurrence of arising and ceasing of one’s mind and spirit; the best portrayal of non-rising and non-ceasing of all living beings. Now the artwork itself continuously bursts forth the endless energy of enlightenment, regardless of the state of mental power, spiritual power, power of meditative stabilization, and power of mindfulness which has generated immense force of astonishment and impressiveness; at the same time the artwork is also emitting supernatural energy to pulverize the universe and to detach from all restraints, like a rising tidal wave that rolls from the sea, pressing and swiping against the shore to transpierce all materiality and spirituality. This emerged energy has thoroughly taken all scope of art and leads into a beyond conception, profoundness yet hidden in-depth conditions of enlightenment power, smashes all art creative concepts that rely mainly on their sectarian Eastern and Western doctrines, to establish concrete evidence by means of crushing the universe and re-creating the universe” to do art creation. 


Thus, the unceasing feat of using the enlightenment power (or ability) to re-create the universe in all ways has long ago transcended the limit of artistic creativity attempted by man induced. This is because the power and ability of enlightenment can completely free oneself from rebirth and redeath, and directly verify into a free mind with non-arising and non-ceasing of all phenomena. This kind of situation in living is Prajna (wisdom) with omniscient penetration ability. With regards to art, to serve as Using Enlightenment Power In Art Creation. In my art, merely through this one in ten thousandth of my enlightenment power brings my talent into full display in this infinite space.  However, also from this one in ten thousandth then manifests the fundamental essence ten thousand-fold. If the societal masses can experience life’s origin from the artwork itself, then the body can be without afflictions, the mind can be without worries, and they can rebuild another one hundred percent great comfortable living environment. In fact, everyone can control all and create all. In the end one will surpass the phenomena of life and death, to personally comprehend and realize the state of eternity.


The enlightenment power (or ability) is inexhaustible in supply and is always available for use; it is omnipresent and accessible everywhere. When a person’s body and soul is thoroughly purified of defiling illusion, enlightenment power (or ability) manifests thoroughly. 


The enlightenment power (or ability) is real and is the source of life, where the universe is only a droplet within it. 


The enlightenment power (or ability) creates the universe, and the universe completely returns to the enlightenment power. 


The enlightenment power (or ability) exists inherently as the pure “true I”, which is the essence of all living beings, and the source of all things.


                                 Lay Practitioner Xiao-Yao (Master Shen-Long)                                         

                           year of infinity




於宇宙中鳥瞰星球的成住壞滅, 透視生命的生老病死,你會發現人類連一粒沙都不如。如果從生命無盡,物質不滅的角度去看,你會莞薾一笑!原來人的潛能是無限的,既不受生死影響,又沒有時空的隔閡,而是亳無生滅現象的生命體。




縱觀古今中外,無論東方西方,有個共同現象,就是人類一面製造煩惱痛苦,一面又想盡辦法解決痛苦煩惱。這真是一種永無止息的輪迴深淵, 也是人類生活上最大的不安。這個不安帶給人們無數的浩劫,但也讓眾生造出無數的文明。浩劫與文明並存,一體兩面。這也就是佛道儒三家所說的生滅同時,煩惱即覺悟的深意。


然而一切生靈則活在自己造成的夢幻之中,因此,不同的思想行為造成了各式各樣的虛擬世界,形成千變萬化的生存空間。在這樣的空間中,逐漸因妄想執著的不同而產生隔礙與恐懼,最後形成了多樣的虛幻世界,簡稱為六道輪迴(天、人、修羅、畜牲、餓鬼、地獄、其實除此之外還有無數的虛幻世界)。而輪迴的成因,即是心念起動所造之波動而形成的磁場。因為眾生不明白造成這個磁場的原因(起心動念),於是人們迷在輪迴的狀態當中,身心難得解脫。而佛道儒的出現確實給予人類極大的幫助,使其逐步了解宇宙人生的真相。它喚醒大眾堪破迷境,不再執著於自造的夢幻泡影, 並且真正掌握不起心、不動念的真理,進而達到真、善、美的無染生活。






吾人從事藝術創作,其理念即是本著覺能的宇宙人生觀,用智慧去體悟、實行覺能的理論與方法,同時表現宇宙萬有之現象,創造於畫作之中。 希望借由藝創的過程,呈現出宇宙人生的真相,或可啟發人們的深思與體悟,漸漸離開煩惱的枷鎖,展現純淨的心靈世界,恢復不生不滅的生命本體。


至於如何將宇宙萬象與本體表現於畫作之上,是藝創中一個極為重要的過程,也是自我覺能的重大展現。吾人先用全抽象水墨形態來表達宇宙中不可思議的意象,再用半具象形式融合於抽象畫面中,由意念與覺能結合的精粹,反覆的吞吐於創作過程裡, 不停的展現新的畫作,同時超越具象與抽象,亦同時出入於生生不息的生命本體之中。






而這個創作內涵其實亦是禪定的表現,也是心靈生滅同時的剎那景象,也是一切眾生不生不滅的最佳寫照。 此時畫作本身不斷的迸發出無盡的覺悟之能,不論在心力、靈力,定力、念力的境界中產生巨大的震攝力量,同時也散發出粉碎宇宙,脫開一切束縛,如同大海回瀾般,穿透一切精神與物質的超自然能量。這個能量的展現,徹底將一切藝術的範疇,帶入覺能不可思議、奧妙而深隧的境地當中,打破了東西方一切以宗派學說為主的藝創概念,成立了以 「粉碎宇宙、再造宇宙」來創作的實證。